High-end Custom PC With Watercooling And Custom Design By FENN Systems

Custom build

No more compromising. Take matters into your own hands and enter a world of unlimited possibilities, the world of FENN: exclusive, powerhouse, full-custom computers.

Unlimited Creativity

Start thinking outside the box. Enjoy unlimited freedom and opportunity by designing your own exclusive gaming PC or workstation. Our team will translate your ideas and needs into a one-of-a-kind system, reflecting your style and personality. A full-custom build by FENN is more than just a high-end computer. It’s a statement, a work of love, tailored to your every need and ideals. A completely unique piece of work where design and performance meet in the middle.

A personal approach

Teamwork makes the dream work: through an open and human-centric approach, FENN will transform your idea into a unique daily driver. Feel free to challenge us. We’ll take your dreams to the next level.

FENN will guide you throughout the entire design and building process, your vision will become our reality. Selecting building blocks, colors and shapes: the choice is yours.

Een Persoonlijke Aanpak Bij FENN Systems

Current-gen only

Unlike many other system builders, we at Fenn Systems understand that technology evolves rapidly. Thanks to our close collaboration with industry-leading manufacturers, we are among the first to have access to the latest and greatest of products. As a result, you as a customer will always be first in line when it comes to technological progress and new product releases.

Don’t settle for less.

Experts in liquid cooling

We put pride in our craftsmanship of building whisper-quiet, closed circuit systems. Incomparable attention to detail, combined with a passion and love for our craft, allow us to go above and beyond. A carefully selected collection of premium components and cooling blocks ensures full compatibility. We optimize cooling capacity through an accurate combination of radiators and fans, and precisely adjust fan profiles, power settings, and clock frequencies for extreme performance.

Our way of work

The path to perfection.


The talk

First things first, let’s get introduced. You unleash your wishes, dreams and ideas while we listen, closely. Together we’ll define a concept, design choices, esthetic details and a component list which will eventually translate into your own dream system. There’s no limit to creativity.

High-end Custom PC With Personal Approach And Exploring Options By FENN Systems

The look

Creating a unique design is not something we do by ourselves: we need your input. Together we’ll craft a visual concept and list of components that reflect your vision and expectations. Using 3D visualization techniques, we’ll provide you with a sneak peak of what your dream machine will look like in real life.

High-end Custom PC With Custom Design And Unique Options By FENN Systems

The walk

Convinced of the concept? A completed list of components? Let’s get to work! We’ll keep you updated throughout the entire design and building process.

High-end Custom PC Included With Tight Cablemanagement By FENN Systems

Fenn Performance tuning

  • We configure and optimize a whisper-quiet fan-profile. Even during heavy workloads, your system will remain discrete.
  • Processor voltage tweaking for maximum efficiency, resulting in lower temperatures and power consumption..
  • Dilligent configuration of CPU, GPU and memory clock speeds, resulting in the best possible performance.
  • OS-tweaks for faster boot times and less background processes, reducing CPU load and prioritizing processes that matter.
  • Driver configuration aligning with the purposes of your system, guaranteeing smooth operation of applications that matter most to you.
High-end Custom PC With Personal Approach And Stresstesting Components By FENN Systems

The touch

We’re careful when it comes to shipping your dream system. Our own shipping partner will personally take care of the delivery, making sure your computer gets delivered to your doorstep. Plug-and-play, now push that power button! Last but not least, we are only a message or call away for any after sales support.

High-end Custom PC With Detailing Custom Painted Panels By FENN Systems
FENN Systems Laseren & Frezen Services

Laser cutting
and milling

You can count on us for a unique design, but also for uncompromising details and finishing touches. Our team can handle any type of metalworks: from bending and cutting, to milling and welding. We’ll do everything in our power to provide your device with a unique and personal touch.


paint jobs

Nothing defines a build as the coat of paint that covers it. Choose your color scheme solo, or be advised by our designers. One thing is certain: jaws will be dropped.

FENN Systems Custom Waterkoeling Op Maat


Go all the way with a custom water cooling machine, keeping high temperatures and fan noise at bay. An impressive technical marvel, brought to life by our experts in watercooling.

FENN Systems Custom Cable Services


Beauty is in the details. Our custom cable sleeves reflect this quote. Unmatched quality and an endless combination of colors. Put the finishing touches on your build and unleash your imagination.


Say it
with chrome

One of the most unique services we offer in our range of custom services is definitely the chroming of cases, parts, tubings, ... you name it!

Begin your Fenn

Unleash your creativity with FENN Full Custom. Your story, style, brand or game, the choice is yours. From an initial concept to a selection of unique materials, together we’ll create a timeless and exclusive design.

What our
clients say


Nick Seys

Nick Seys

Video Professional

FENN, dat is een professionele aanpak, beest van workstation geleverd voor audiovisuele doeleinden. Up-to-date & top klantenservice tijdens het proces. Kortom, geweldig dit kunstwerk te zien pronken op ons kantoor.

Bruno Volckaert

Bruno Volckaert

Content creator

Uiterst goede communicatie, luistert naar wat de klant wenst en denkt samen mee om tot een build te komen die perfect bij je past. Resultaat is een desktop die uiterst nauwkeurig getuned is en esthetisch tiptop niets dan lof!

Dieter Beerten

Dieter Beerten

Professional / Gamer

Bij Fenn heb je een ongelofelijke service en snelle oplevering. Maar bovenal denken ze goed mee om tot iets unieks te komen. Ze waren super communicatief. En nu heb ik een tijdloze unieke build, perfect op maat!